Looking to ‘Simplify,’ Mogul Lists $107M Worth of Fancy Homes

Posted on Sep 18, 2014

To make life a bit simpler, many ordinary Americans would temporarily delete Foursquare or throw out a bunch of Tupperware they can’t find the matching lids for, or maybe cut some jeans off a few inches above the knee. Media mogul Robert F.X. Sillerman, founder of electronic dance conglomerate SFX Entertainment, might list a half-dozen of his estates in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and the isle of Anguilla, for a combined total of $107M, as a “step toward simplifying” the lives of him and his wife, he tells the Journal. (These divergent methods of briefly putting some semblance of order to the fundamental chaos of reality are widely understood to be the primary difference between most people and Robert F.X. Sillerman.) Here is the portfolio (some of it still yet to be listed) that Sillerman refers to with the offhandedness of a garage sale announcement:

Oh look, one’s on Meadow Lane. >>

Location: Southampton, N.Y. Price: $39,000,000 What’s what: This eight-bedroom, 12,800-square-foot home sits on 3.5-acres on moneyed Meadow Lane. The property listing makes note of the fact that “quality construction is evident” and how the open floor plan makes “it ideal for entertaining and casual seaside living.”

Location: New York, N.Y. Price: $28,000,000 What’s what: It’s unclear exactly why Condé Nast publisher S.I. Newhouse felt the need to install a two-story bulletproof glass atrium in this enormous Upper East Side mansion, but install one he did. The next owner was a Russian arms dealer named Dimitry Streshinsky, who bought it in 1993 while he was in town to have his wisdom teeth taken out. Sillerman, the next owner, put it on the market last year for $36M, and will soon relist it with a price cut, says the Journal.

Location: Anguilla Price: ~$21,000,000 What’s what: This group of three Antigua villas above Long Bay Beach, known as the Long Bay Sky Villas, has been called one of the “top Anguilla villa rentals for beach lovers.” A travel booking site called Jetsetter appreciates the fact that stays aren’t ruined by “bedroom envy,” unless “you want to fight over who gets the three rooms with terraces.”

Sillerman also plans on listing “a roughly 37,000-square-foot estate on the Caribbean island of Anguilla for $19.5 million with Trophy Properties.” In related news, this weekend many Americans will take a few hours to downsize their wardrobes.


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