David Tepper’s Hamptons mansion to be finished by summer

Posted on Mar 29, 2014


n 2011, hedge fund titan David Tepper famously bought a $43.5 million oceanfront mansion in Sagaponack — and promptly tore it down so he could build one twice the size.

Now, three years later, construction on the project is nearly finished. At this rate, Tepper could be in his new home by the start of the Hamptons summer season.

Aerial photographer Jeff Cully at EEFAS recently flew by the beachfront estate on Gibson Lane and took some great photos of the construction site, which he shared with Business Insider. In addition to a massive pool, it looks like the home will have two hot tubs, a backyard fountain, gazebo, and tennis court.

It appears that Tepper also benefitted from Southampton’s $26 million beach nourishment project, a major effort to protect the waterfront and the homes located along it. Note the three zig-zagging fences on the beach in front of the home, which are part of the plan to redevelop dunes in the area.

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